Tuesday, 20 January 2009

yippee! I sold my first item on MISI

YIPPEE, YIPPEE (jumping for joy and doing a little dance!!)

I made my first sale on MISI, the lovely Amy bought them for her mum's birthday, i hope she likes them :>)

these were the earrings

"explosion in a flower shop"

here is a link to my MISI shop;
Well it's been rather an uneventful day today, tried to make some jewellery
but at the moment I seem to have writer's block, or whatever the jewellery equivalent is.
I listed some earrings in my FOLKSY shop;

cream chandelier earrings in sterling silver.

I did manage to book my next trip to the I.O.W to see my best friend who lives down there, I booked a gorgeous beach hut right on the edge of the..well..beach! doh

I thought it would be ideal for Gracie to just wander out the door and go for long walks on the beach, also nice for me too, lol

another plus point is the beach cafe is right next door so we can roll out of bed and order a cooked breakfast, that's my plan anyway.

Gracie has not yet learned to come back when called, if she sees a bird she'll chase it and run for miles, well out of view, so i can't let her off the lead yet which is really frustrating, not sure how to drill that instinct out of her either because she's bred for bird hunting. still working on it, while embarrassingly shouting my head off when she does get off.

I've tried everything imaginable, even my best rib-eye!!!


  1. congratulations on your sale.

    The beach hut looks wonderful, hope you have some sunny days there. Dogs not coming back when called...that sounds familiar.

    good luck with your shops.

  2. thanks Lauren,
    i've got my beady eye on a few of your items, i love the simple white ceramic, beautiful, and the buttons sewn on are gorgeous :>)