Wednesday, 21 January 2009

My best friend has 2 little ones and the 19th and 20th it was their birthday, instead of paying the astronomical prices for cakes she decided to make her own (she did need 4 after all)

this is the result, pretty fantastic!

booked the car in today for it's MOT, finger's crossed it won't want anything doing cos I'll be paying in chocolate buttons!

I've found some lovely items today on folksy and misi, my wishlists are growing every second,

here are a few of my favourites;

firstly please visit Lauren's shop, i tried to pick one item but really struggled, everything is so beautiful

I also found these candles yesterday by "the pink fairy cake" on misi

find them here

you might have noticed duplicate pics on here, that's cos I've not figured out yet how to delete them!! any help greatly appreciated


  1. I'm the same - if any more bills come in they'll be paid with chocolate coins from the kid's Christmas stash.

  2. Thankfully i didn't have to resort to the choc buttons :>)