Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ive been busy today setting up a fan page on facebook for my jewellery so i can display the whole range of my jewellery. you'll find a link to it at the top on the left of page, I'd love it if you could take a peek. It took me an hour and 40 mins to upload all the pics and write about them, luckily i had a cuppa and some chocolate!
I have a couple of things in the pipeline and I'm just waiting for more info before i can get giddy and tell everyone, I have my fingers crossed.
Ordered some more business cards last night from vistaprint and was thinking of one of there websites, if anybody has one I'd love some feedback as to what they're like, I'm currently with freewebs but not really impressed, it's ok but you can't do a lot with it.
I hope to add some favourite things tomorrow.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Thank goodness the car passed it's MOT, but it was still £70 for the MOT and washers that i knew needed doing, luckily yesterday i finally heard from a seller on etsy that she was going to refund my money for items never received, i ordered them on 24th Sept last year and despite several (lots) of emails and supposedly sending the items out twice i never received them, it was £65 of beads so i couldn't let it go but because it was coming from the USA i had no comeback, fingers crossed she's good for her word as haven't got money yet. so that should pay for car.

Also joined coriandr yesterday and opened a shop on there, i'ts really dead for me at the moment, before christmas i was making about £100 a month in my ebay shop but really struggling at the moment, hardly anything in dec/jan and only just picking up now.

I shut the ebay shop becuase of the fees, they had more than doubled the price per month of a basic shop, from £6 to £15!! and the way they favour buyers, so packed that in but now need to find other outlets, I think i'm just a bit dissilusioned at the mo, not feeling very creative either, maybe it's the winter blues :>(

I cheered myself up yesterday with a sticky toffee pudding, it was gorgeous but also v. naughty,


Luckily it's individually sized or goodness knows the consequences he he
I phoned my "nephew" (my best Friends little one) this morning and he's having a party, he said i could have gone if I'd been down there (I.O.W) so a little sad now that I'm not, but only been back just over 4 weeks, seems like forever.
Going to take the puppy for a walk in the park now, she's in her usual (I'm by the door is it time to go yet?) position and raring to go;

kangaroo or dog?

Thursday, 22 January 2009

This is a new listing on FOLKSY for valentine's day "tequila sunrise"

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

My best friend has 2 little ones and the 19th and 20th it was their birthday, instead of paying the astronomical prices for cakes she decided to make her own (she did need 4 after all)

this is the result, pretty fantastic!

booked the car in today for it's MOT, finger's crossed it won't want anything doing cos I'll be paying in chocolate buttons!

I've found some lovely items today on folksy and misi, my wishlists are growing every second,

here are a few of my favourites;

firstly please visit Lauren's shop, i tried to pick one item but really struggled, everything is so beautiful

I also found these candles yesterday by "the pink fairy cake" on misi

find them here

you might have noticed duplicate pics on here, that's cos I've not figured out yet how to delete them!! any help greatly appreciated

Dan Jackson funny pics

This made me laugh the other day;

it's by Dan Jackson, a photographer that sells his wares via etsy,and folksy among others.

here's another of his pics, from his more "serious" collection

it's a stunning photo of a willow tree in the snow? or is it? go and see his shop to find out the twist.

you'll find him here;

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

yippee! I sold my first item on MISI

YIPPEE, YIPPEE (jumping for joy and doing a little dance!!)

I made my first sale on MISI, the lovely Amy bought them for her mum's birthday, i hope she likes them :>)

these were the earrings

"explosion in a flower shop"

here is a link to my MISI shop;
Well it's been rather an uneventful day today, tried to make some jewellery
but at the moment I seem to have writer's block, or whatever the jewellery equivalent is.
I listed some earrings in my FOLKSY shop;

cream chandelier earrings in sterling silver.

I did manage to book my next trip to the I.O.W to see my best friend who lives down there, I booked a gorgeous beach hut right on the edge of the..well..beach! doh

I thought it would be ideal for Gracie to just wander out the door and go for long walks on the beach, also nice for me too, lol

another plus point is the beach cafe is right next door so we can roll out of bed and order a cooked breakfast, that's my plan anyway.

Gracie has not yet learned to come back when called, if she sees a bird she'll chase it and run for miles, well out of view, so i can't let her off the lead yet which is really frustrating, not sure how to drill that instinct out of her either because she's bred for bird hunting. still working on it, while embarrassingly shouting my head off when she does get off.

I've tried everything imaginable, even my best rib-eye!!!

Monday, 19 January 2009

what a day it's been weatherwise, we (me and mum - lizzy) set out this morning to take gracie a walk in cannon hall grounds, a local country house that is set in over 70 acres of parkland - read great fun for gracie!

it was lovely sunshine when we set off so i thought before we went for a walk there was time for a coffee and cake, there's always time for coffee and cake ;>)

by the time we'd demolished half a carrot cake and a bucket of coffee we stepped outside to sleety/snow. poor gracie got a ride in the car and a quick run around the garden when she got home lol
"gracie and len"

Favourite things today

here are some of my favourite things i've found today, mainly from misi and folksy;

this is forest floor from "glassprimitif" on folksy, i love the colour and it looks so tactile

I also love this cupcake dog collar, my pup gracie would look lovely in it and i love cupcakes, what's not to like?! it's by "very vintage designs" on folksy

this bracelet is by TJ GEMS on misi and the colours are sooo pretty, i think it's beautiful.

Oh my lordy! What on earth do i put on here?!!


I've never had a blog before so not quite sure where to go with this,
I'll start by explaining where CATS WHISKERS the name came from, (while eating my terry's choc orange, mmm..)

It all started 12 years ago when i rescued my first cat, Thomas, he was wandering the streets as a kitten and someone had taken him in and we paid 10 star wars tazo's for him, then came "Chewy" (named by my star wars mad ex, !)
he was thrown into a lake with the rest of his litter fastened in a carrier bag weighed down by bricks, luckily someone saw this happen and rescued them, but only two were alive, chewy was rescued and sent to thornberry where he spent a year, being re-homed and sent back because they couldn't cope, then i went along and saw him, he tried ingratiating himself to me by kissing me urgghh! but i took him anyway.
obviously he was extremely traumatised and we had a hard time just trying to get him to come out from behind the cupboards, still now, 11 years later he only trusts women, and has only just started coming up on my knee, but he's come miles since i got him,
my ambition was to be a psychologist and animal psychologist but life got in the way and so i didn't continue my studies, anyhow all this came in handy helping chewy to trust again
then came Monty, he was being put down at the vets cos he was blind, he was only 7 weeks old and so i took him home too!
then came Lenny (a girl) she was found playing on the motorway with a shoelace, someone fetched her to me to re home and she stayed!
Missy and tinker were next and then Ruby, a tiny kitten, she was in the paper because she had been rescued from a gang who had painted her in marker pen and set her alight, luckily it was superficial burns, she had no whiskers etc... and the white fur was all blue, but it wore off and she came to live with me.
so as you can see i love cats and thought my jewellery making name should reflect this and so... "the cats whiskers"
anyone still here?!
I'll post a few pics when i figure out how to
that's it for now, run out of choc orange