Sunday, 22 February 2009

Over the weekend my new stamp has arrived with the "cats whiskers" name on it, i had it custom made and it looks great, I'm really pleased with it. I got it from "lovetocreatestamps" on etsy

the faded stamping image is due to my poor ability and not the stamp so I've been practising on everything in sight!

Also over the weekend i decided to treat myself to a small drink of jacques , this ended in an empty bottle less than an hour later Oops! I then thought it would be a good idea to go on facebook and "make friends" with everyone I'd ever met in my past - suffice to say a few have ignored me! probably best he he

One friend from college though did add me and saw my jewellery, she then purchased a pair of earrings for her mum's birthday so that was great. It also turns out her mum lives a few houses up from me on the next road!

I thought i better start making some more jewellery if I'm going to be supplying 2 shops so while I'm in the mood I've been hard at it, i used some of my favourite beads that I've been hanging on to (just to look at!!) i love them and didn't want to use them but i have so many, I wont mind if it doesn't sell :>)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I have just made a banoffee tart, normally i make the caramel from scratch but yesterday i saw a tin of it already done from condensed milk, a new thing from carnation, so i thought I'd try it and it's great!

As much as i would have liked to take a pic of it, it didn't stay in one piece long enough!! - not only due to me can i add :>)

I must purchase a new printer, mine has died a death and i keep preying on friends to print everything off for me. I don't have much luck with printers, my last one died after I'd just purchased 2 new cartridges and put them in so that was a waste of £30!

After sorting through my beads yesterday i did manage to play around and make a couple of things, I've listed 2 bracelets;

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Yesterday i went to the local superstore which has a largish craft section and i came across some large plastic storage boxes, i thought very cheap, so i purchased 3. Now as sad as it seems i was really excited at getting home and sorting through my beads to put them into the new storage boxes, i also hoped it would give me inspiration to make something as it's been a while, i've lost my mojo at the mo :>(
i don't think it's worked as I'm still not inspired but they do look pretty! lol
I just need another 3 next time i go and i should be fairly organised, which is a first for me!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

I have just listed a new necklace on FOLKSY, "vintage starlite" I used the last of my chain to make it so now i have to purchase a bulk lot of chain before i can make any more. I had a rush on necklaces in the past 3 weeks and sold 5 so it cleared me out completley! (not that i'm complaining :>)

I would have had some in stock but yet another of my parcels from abroad has gone missing and with no way for me to claim on them it's another loss i can't afford, damn the royal mail!


Yesterday was MollyandIzzies shop opening, amongst many other wonderful things Sarah also has my jewellery. it looks fantastic and happened really fast so must have took some incredible work to get it ready and looking great. go and take a peek at her blog where she has photos and also some lovely items from other crafters.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Oh my goodness I have been so busy for the past few days. I've had 3 custom orders to finish and am also making stock for my new venture which is supplying a craft shop in lancashire. It is run by the lovely Sarah from, she is opening a larger shop soon in Botany bay in lancashire and I will have some jewellery in there for sale. Sarah makes gorgeous felty goodness things, one of my favourites is the pink cupcake with sparkles badge, yum!

please take a peek at her shop and if your in chorley, lancs, a great day out is at Botany Bay, just off junction 8 of the m61
today i have listed the following items, on misi and folksy;

I've also applied to do my first craft fair in Sheffield, I'm just waiting to hear from them as to whether I've been accepted. with the amount of fantastic jewellery sellers out there i doubt very much if i will, but fingers crossed, a good friend works at the venue where it's being held so if i do get to do it, i will be calling on him for moral support!