Saturday, 24 January 2009

Thank goodness the car passed it's MOT, but it was still £70 for the MOT and washers that i knew needed doing, luckily yesterday i finally heard from a seller on etsy that she was going to refund my money for items never received, i ordered them on 24th Sept last year and despite several (lots) of emails and supposedly sending the items out twice i never received them, it was £65 of beads so i couldn't let it go but because it was coming from the USA i had no comeback, fingers crossed she's good for her word as haven't got money yet. so that should pay for car.

Also joined coriandr yesterday and opened a shop on there, i'ts really dead for me at the moment, before christmas i was making about £100 a month in my ebay shop but really struggling at the moment, hardly anything in dec/jan and only just picking up now.

I shut the ebay shop becuase of the fees, they had more than doubled the price per month of a basic shop, from £6 to £15!! and the way they favour buyers, so packed that in but now need to find other outlets, I think i'm just a bit dissilusioned at the mo, not feeling very creative either, maybe it's the winter blues :>(

I cheered myself up yesterday with a sticky toffee pudding, it was gorgeous but also v. naughty,


Luckily it's individually sized or goodness knows the consequences he he
I phoned my "nephew" (my best Friends little one) this morning and he's having a party, he said i could have gone if I'd been down there (I.O.W) so a little sad now that I'm not, but only been back just over 4 weeks, seems like forever.
Going to take the puppy for a walk in the park now, she's in her usual (I'm by the door is it time to go yet?) position and raring to go;

kangaroo or dog?


  1. My sister used to have a dog, of a very similar colour, who was under the impression she was also a kangaroo . . . !

  2. Yummy desert, fancy something sweet and naughty myself. Will have to go forage in kitchen.

  3. Hi

    Thank you so much for the lovely comments you have made about my pictures on your blog.

    I have only just started trying to sell my work so any publicity helps!!

    Kind regards


    The Rolling Mill