Monday, 19 January 2009

Oh my lordy! What on earth do i put on here?!!


I've never had a blog before so not quite sure where to go with this,
I'll start by explaining where CATS WHISKERS the name came from, (while eating my terry's choc orange, mmm..)

It all started 12 years ago when i rescued my first cat, Thomas, he was wandering the streets as a kitten and someone had taken him in and we paid 10 star wars tazo's for him, then came "Chewy" (named by my star wars mad ex, !)
he was thrown into a lake with the rest of his litter fastened in a carrier bag weighed down by bricks, luckily someone saw this happen and rescued them, but only two were alive, chewy was rescued and sent to thornberry where he spent a year, being re-homed and sent back because they couldn't cope, then i went along and saw him, he tried ingratiating himself to me by kissing me urgghh! but i took him anyway.
obviously he was extremely traumatised and we had a hard time just trying to get him to come out from behind the cupboards, still now, 11 years later he only trusts women, and has only just started coming up on my knee, but he's come miles since i got him,
my ambition was to be a psychologist and animal psychologist but life got in the way and so i didn't continue my studies, anyhow all this came in handy helping chewy to trust again
then came Monty, he was being put down at the vets cos he was blind, he was only 7 weeks old and so i took him home too!
then came Lenny (a girl) she was found playing on the motorway with a shoelace, someone fetched her to me to re home and she stayed!
Missy and tinker were next and then Ruby, a tiny kitten, she was in the paper because she had been rescued from a gang who had painted her in marker pen and set her alight, luckily it was superficial burns, she had no whiskers etc... and the white fur was all blue, but it wore off and she came to live with me.
so as you can see i love cats and thought my jewellery making name should reflect this and so... "the cats whiskers"
anyone still here?!
I'll post a few pics when i figure out how to
that's it for now, run out of choc orange


  1. What a great intro! Hello to you and your kittens, that definately deserves another chocolate orange :) LOL

  2. what a heart warming story, well done.