Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I have just made a banoffee tart, normally i make the caramel from scratch but yesterday i saw a tin of it already done from condensed milk, a new thing from carnation, so i thought I'd try it and it's great!

As much as i would have liked to take a pic of it, it didn't stay in one piece long enough!! - not only due to me can i add :>)

I must purchase a new printer, mine has died a death and i keep preying on friends to print everything off for me. I don't have much luck with printers, my last one died after I'd just purchased 2 new cartridges and put them in so that was a waste of £30!

After sorting through my beads yesterday i did manage to play around and make a couple of things, I've listed 2 bracelets;


  1. What a beautiful photograph - I've added her to my ever growing list of favourites and am also saving my pennies.

    I love the "Let Me In" photograph, too, how many times I've seen that expression!

  2. That turquoise bracelet is fab Phillipa,

  3. @ Linden; I've already told him i'll be purchasing the "how could you resist" pic, that face at the window is too gorgeous!

    @ Zoe; thank you so much :>)